Here a selection of productions and videos. I direct, shoot, edit, present, act and produce. I love making portrets being a fly on the wall, creating a crazy comedy series from scratch is the best. Also so much fun to colaborate. My first experience shooting  a doc in Peru was mindblowing. Amazing work done by Dutch team of specialist. Love my girls, love my work, love m life. My latest project will soon be announced,

Roel Kyvelos, sept 2020

Gutn & Waldi

Unrealistic Comedy Series about a Reporter and a Wizard trying to team up to make things happen.

Created by Roel Kyvelos & Morris G.


Intimite Portrets at an Event. Could be anything and everywhere. As a fly on the wall, no-one would notice but all will be on camera.

Paz Holandesa 2020 Documentary

A Dutch Medical team of six specialists granted me permission to film them for 10 days in Arequipa (Peru), while they operated non-stop on kids with Schichus and other operations. Shot, directed and edited.

Running time: 39:37

Greenproject / presenter

Hosted 300+ items for Business Program 'Greenproject'.

A Life To Remember / creator

A straight forward videoportret to make your loved ones immortal. No nonsense. Life experiences and wisdom put on film. Unsensored in your own words.


A short selection to promote

Out of the Box

Just do it

My Girls

Amy | Romee | Lois

My Fav Dutch Vlogs

From a few years back


Roel Kyvelos

Drs. Roel Kyvelos is Broadcast Professional with a Business Degree at Erasmus Uiversity Rotterdam. He started as an actor in A Dutch Soap series, but made his way behind the camera. More than 15 years experience as a reporter, director and Chief Editor for realityshows, he also writes, shoots and edits as an one-man-band. Het also hosts 'Greenproject', a Business progr focussing on substainability. Roel lives and works out of Amsterdam.